Super Mailer Full License - version 11

Newsletter software and bulk email software SuperMailer

Email HTML newsletter software to create and send newsletters and personalized bulk emails

Version: 11 - Unlimited Computers

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Email newsletter software SuperMailer... 

  • manages your data like recipients, email text and attachments in projects.

  • lets you create newsletters in HTML or plaintext format.

  • can save all kind of information about recipients you want (field definition variably). That's make SuperMailer to the right choice for you.

  • enables you to send email messages to thousands of recipients (time needed for this action depends on size of the email and the speed of your upload link). SuperMailer also supports IDN names.

  • can upload images and embedded data to you web space / server via FTP or HTTP automatically to provide smaller emails.

  • lets you filter failed transmissions so that you can send it again.

  • has a local and global blacklist that you can let fill automatically or manually with unsubscribed newsletter recipients. No recipient in this blacklist will get email anymore.


Action SuperMailer

Importing 8000 recipients from a text file

10 seconds

sending 400 serial emails with a size of 54 Kbytes on 256 kbs upload speed and 10 threads running for the process

Time to send: 12 minutes

sending 1400 newsletters with a size of 16kbyte on 512 kbs upload speed and 25* threads running for the process.

*SuperMailer allows only 10 threads on default. If you can prove that you use your own server or your web space provider allows you using more threads, we tell you a special command line parameter to configure more threads. More threads are only usefully on upload speeds over 384 Kbit/s.

Time to send: 8 minutes

sending 8000 bulk emails via BCC with a size of 14 Kbytes on 512 Kbit/s and 20 BCC recipients per email (with BCC you can't use the personalization feature)

Time to send: 5 minutes

sending 100 personalized emails with a 1 Mbyte attachment and a embedded picture (size of email 1,4 Mb, total data size 140 Mbyte) with the PHP mail send script on the own web space/server.

Time to send: 1:28 minutes

By sending the same emails with a SMTP server the sending process will take 22 minutes (Upload speed 1024 Kbit/s).

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